Vinir Kópavogs – Friends of Kópavogur

About us


We‘re a grassroots (non politically aligned) group of residents who love Kópavogur and are frustrated and disappointed with the series of bad decisions being made for the municipality – especially when it comes to town planning,  which is the most important responsibility of local government, impacting education, the environment, transport, and quality of life, to name a few.

Proper services for a growing population.
We would like Kópavogur’s infrastructure built up in line with its housing. These need to be planned and developed in harmony with each other, not independently from each other, no matter the financial gain at stake for investors.  

We have increasingly seen that this is not being done in Kópavogur – and the residents are suffering because of this lack of foresight. We would like to turn this around and help Kópavogur get back on the right track.  

For example, before we build more housing for families with children, we need to address the fact that schools and pre-schools are already overflowing. To date, this has not been addressed adequately.   We also have a high proportion of retirees in their 60s and 70s, and need to put plans in place to accommodate their needs when they reach their 80s and 90s. Plans that are currently not in place.

The environment is also suffering, with less and less green space for recreational purposes, poorly designed commercial hubs, and multi-floor housing developments casting longer and longer shadows on neighbouring residential areas.  We would like to safeguard the remaining green areas and ensure future development takes proper account of the needs of its residents – including dog owners, who currently lack adequate recreational space for their pets. We don‘t have a long list of promises.

We only promise what we can deliver. If we win at least two seats, our first action will be to involve residents in revising Kópavogur‘s existing town planning blueprint for 2019-2040.